Monday, September 05, 2016

New leaf: share with full control and to the larger audience

I've written thousands of pages over the years on various Internet forums, blogs, web sites etc. Although most of it is of little long term value, I wish some of many ride reports, rants, impressions, experiences, peeves and even heated Internet discussions on religion, weapons, politics, science, etc. were saved in one place, or at least somewhere I have control over what happens to them. Unfortunately, most or even all of those writings and pictures are gone the way of the Dodo due to many events out of my control and against my will.

Ergo, boosted by valuable input and encouragement from a dear friend, I'll make an effort to do the harder thing - keep it all in one place and share it with the world at large from here. Since blogging by nature does not encourage dialogue (I welcome and cherish all feedback, but it's not like any of it can turn into a ten page forum type discussion) and I don't want to become an Internet hermit I'll post mostly my own experiences and impressions. I'll be happy if folks like it, but even if no one even visits the blog I'll still be happy to create it - if for no other reason than to relive my experiences as I write about them.

So, from now on this blog will replace any and all Internet forums when it comes to ride/trip reports, sharing my direct experiences and similar musings. I will link to blog posts from various forums as I see fit.

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