Thursday, April 30, 2015

Language of "Spartacus"

From the language and entertaining department:

I stand guilty of watching "Spartacus" on Netflix. It's a commic-strip like view of ancient times with overabundance of violence (blood the consistency of cranberry juice spilled by the gallons with plenty of guts and heads flying around). It's also full of full frontal nudity and all sorts of sex just short of hard-core pornography. The plot is relatively plausible and fairly gripping, characters pretty one-dimensional but mostly believable and decently acted.

All in all, nothing to write a blog entry about except for the language used in the series. Although it's just an attempt at portraying how the ancient Romans would sound if they spoke English instead of Latin (you know: "Alea iacta est.", which means "I think, therefore I am." :) ), I find it quite entertaining at times. It's just as explicit as the sex and violence, but there are often sentences that are worth remembering. If for nothing else, than to confuse an opponent in an Internet argument :). Take this one, for example, spoken by Julius Caesar (played by an actor who looks and acts nothing like the Julius Caesar we know, but who's to say he wasn't exactly like that :) ):

"Cut circle with straightest line and give voice to what you would have of me."

To translate, "Cut the crap and tell me what you want.".

Sounds much better in EngLatin, doesn't it? :)

Here are some other ones:

Fall from sight!

Tread path of more direct route and arrive at point.

You mistake intent.

Break words.

Fall to reason.

I will share more as I come across them :).

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