Saturday, March 14, 2015

I really wasted that scoot

The first majesty is almost totally disassembled now, leaving only the frame, wheels and the motor still attached.

Apart from damage sustained due to passive neglect and active abuse while stored in NB, I observed some wear and tear that was entirely acquired on the road:

- Dust really got everywhere, which is to be expected from riding on 800+Km of gravel.

- UNI foam air filters that are normally bright red were completely grey. They were so caked with dust that they were heavy as a brick and almost as hard.

- Dust got into the transmission case as well, which is quite unexpected. Belt sheaves have wear marks due to the grinding and the sliders left quite an impression on the plate. The dust didn't affect any of the bearings as far as I can tell, but everything else (especially roller cage, again unexpected) was coated in it.

- The dust seal on the rear wheel was disintegrated. The dust got in big time, but didn't affect the bearing at all, probably due to centrifugal force that kept it at bay.

The lesson learned is that if I ever attempt to ride gravel roads on the Majesty again I will have to do more maintenance during the trip. It may mean air filter washing as frequently as once a day and oil check/change every few days. Even in low-dust conditions some maintenance has to be done at least once a week on a long ride.

I am pretty diligent with maintenance and take good care of my vehicles, but find it hard to adjust my habits and schedule to riding five to ten times as much as usual. For example, lubing the chain once a week is more than enough under normal circumstances. On a 750km/day ride I have to do it at least once a day. If I forget, the chain can be gone within a week. Oil changes are relatively easy to schedule because I do them based on the distance traveled, but other "minor" stuff needs more attention and discipline. Most people under normal circumstances don't think much about tire wear and change their tires once a year at most. Even if I start a three week trip with brand new rubber i can still end it riding on the steel belt, so I have to plan for a tire change somewhere in Utah...

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