Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Butt builder"?

I've had my share of long distance days, the longest one being 1,350Km in under 14 hours. Even though I could easily qualify for one of the Iron Butt Association certificates, I could never be bothered with all the paperwork that is required to actually acquire one.

Enter some fine Ontario riders led by David Purdy that organized a ride with an interesting route that is also an IBA sanctioned 500 mile "Butt builder" and is free to attend. I enjoy riding other people's routes because it relieves me from planning the ride, lets me enjoy the road more and usually takes me to a few places/roads I haven't seen before. If I manage to cover over 800Km of twisty Muskoka roads in under 12 hours I may even spring some coin for a patch for the bike and certificate for the garage. A win-win-win proposal, even if i lose :).
So, I'm almost certainly going and am trying to get some of my buddies from MC Tesla ( to join the fun and share the pain in the butt :)

See you at Bikefest 500!

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