Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Day 6: Deer Lake, NL to Port aux Basques, NL - 600Km

Route: 600Km

Taking it easy to Port aux Basques, I have to show up at the ferry at 9PM.

Took a detour at Corner Brook, just to examine some side roads. Interesting but slow because it's fairly densely populated and the road is narrow and twisty.At the end there is a small fisherman village with a fish plant - a common scene in these parts. I was looking for a place to eat but didn't feel like having a takeout in front of h processing facility so I moved on.

On the next side excursion I have a nice lunch in a family restaurant in Stephenville that was recommended by locals and then proceeded to Cape St. George. Got rained on twice and now steaming hot at 27 degrees.

The road to Cape St. George is running by the ocean and quite scenic, but passing through several villages so I kept my speed at bay. It would be an awesome run if it wasn't for houses close to the road and relatively dense traffic.

At first, Cape St. George seemed like a letdown, a destination which only redeeming feature is the road that leads to it. That's a relatively common occurrence and one of many reasons I travel by motorcycle. I don't ride to get where I'm going - I ride because I enjoy the ride wherever I'm going. The destination does not a trip make, it's just a point to aim my front wheel at. I'm never disappointed if there's nothing at the end of the rainbow because I got to ride the freaking rainbow :).

This time, however, the vista that greeted me was even grander than the road to it. A gravel road at the edge of a sheer cliff. A grand view of the rugged shore and the ocean deep down below it. I could have stayed there for hours, but I have a ferry to catch. Next time.

Got to the ferry with time to spare - I could have stayed at Cape St. George at least a half an hour longer.

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