Friday, July 25, 2014

Studying the route

Studying the travel guides at Over 800Km of Trans Labrador Highway is unpaved. Depending on the state of the road surface and weather conditions this can be a pleasant scenic ride, an exercise in extreme masochism or anything in between.

One definition of adventure says it's "Taking inappropriate equipment to out-of-the-way places.". I think this trip will fit the bill. I'll create my own version of this motivational poster when I get back.

Itinerary is a tough one to plan for this trip. Accommodations are few and far between - it's not like you can just get off the highway at the next exit and drop into Motel 6. There are are also three ferry schedules that I have to take into account. If I miss any of them I will be stranded for up to half a day, not to mention that it would mess up my whole schedule.

Then, there is gas. Sections with over 250Km between gas stations make at least 5L of extra fuel a must. I think I'll carry 10L - the can is not much bigger than 5L one, it fits under the seat and I already have it.

Almost forgot: There is no turning back or taking shortcuts on this route. Whatever distance I plan to cover for the day is what I will have to ride, come hell or high water.

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