Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Majesty has more built-in storage capacity than any other scooter I know. Under-seat compartment is big enough to fit two large integral helmets with enough room remaining for gloves, communicators, some tools...

Only the rider portion of the seat flips up to open, so you can access the entire storage space even when something is placed on or strapped to the passenger seat. A big convenience in my book.

There are also two glove compartments in the front. Bigger one is lockable and quite deep. I don't know it's exact volume, but I was able to easily store a couple of bungee cords, a bottle of water, thin gloves, a camera and sunglasses in there. The smaller one is good for a pair of thick gauntlet winter gloves and a microfiber cloth.

I added the Givi rack and a 45L top case. With careful packing one can fit a lot of stuff in there - it's almost like it's bigger on the inside than outside.

Note all the reflectors and reflective stickers. If they don't see it from behind at night (even when parked) they are either blind or driving with no lights.

I'm considering an option to strap the 10L gas can between my legs on top of the gas tank cover. I think I saw it done somewhere before...

A ~60L waterproof gym bag on top of the passenger seat. It will be neatly held in place by just two bungee cords that hook up under the passenger grab bar.

A couple of extra bungee cords and a small cargo net to hold down gear I take off but want to keep at hand, like the jacket when it's hot.
All in all, there's enough room to bring everything I need, all easily accessible and all waterproof. Not enough to bring everything I want, but experience told me I don't need at least a quarter of the stuff I usually carry.

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