Saturday, July 26, 2014

Final bike preparations

I finally got to installing the USB power supply for phone and tablet. An amazing little solid-state 3A DC/DC converter (smaller than pinkie finger tip) will supply juice to the GPS, phone and tablet all at the same time. It draws no current when nothing is connected to it and it's about 98% efficient, meaning no loss and no heat.

Since I was at it, I decided to take my trusty but almost dead Curtis GPS instead of the "limited functionality" Garmin handheld. In order to mount it I had to remove the top handlebar cover, so this is what it looks like now:

It doesn't look very nice, but it's fully functional. Those who know me know I'm a function over form person :).

Removing the whole front tupperwarewas an opportunity to put things togetther a little better. Gorilla tape is there just to hold it tight - it wouldn't fall apart without it.

Last came the air filters. Majesty has two and they are pretty big, but get clogged fast because of their position (low and close to the wheel that throws dust at it). I have replaced original paper filter media with washable double density UNI foam about 10,000Km ago. They were not very dirty, but since cleaning them takes less than an hour... The left filter is in (big red rectangle), the right side one taken apart on the floor (high density green foam, low density red foam and the gutted out filter case they fit in).

 In the end, happy with the days work I added some reflective stickers to the bike, both front and rear. Those lime green ones at the sides of the top case are so bright when illuminated that they look like they are lights, not stickers.

Speaking of the top case, my friend Colin was kind enough to let me borrow his. It's about 10L bigger than mine and it has the rack on top - a very handy thing to strap the gear I take off (like the heavy jacket when it's too hot). This is not the first time Colin let me use this case, it's been with me on the 15,000Km trip in July 2011. Here it is in Death Valley:


Thanks again Colin, you are a champ!

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