Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brake fix

Typing this on the tablet to decide if the portability is worth the trouble. On-screen keyboard leaves a lot to be desired, especially when I need to enter any symbols like dashes,  slashes, smileys... On the other hand, I don't really want to carry the laptop.
Brake pads arrived last night and I went to install them right away. It took me less than fifteen minutes to replace front ones, more than two hours for the rear. I managed to pop out the caliper piston and spill brake oil all over the floor. Since that effectively forced me to replace the brake oil :), I went on and bled the front as well, which took another hour or so. That was hard to do alone since you have to pump/hold the lever with one hand while unscrewing/screwing the nipple with the other. This bike is long, so there was a lot of bending, stretching and grunting :). I was done around midnight, but I was done.
These rear brake pads are the thickest I ever saw - about twice as thick as the front. I don't know why, but i'm not complaining :).
On the ride to work this morning the pads are slowly but surely breaking in. Rear feels a little bit mushy, maybe there is still some air in it (it's a long hose from left handlebar to the right side of the rear wheel...). Will bleed it a little more. Front is rock solid.
The problem with bleeding the brakes is that you do it backwards. You pump the oil from the top down, but the air in the system tries to travel up, so you may end up running a lot of oil through the system without really knowing if there are any air pockets left in it. The right way would be to push the oil from the other end, through the nipple on the caliper. It can be done, but I haven't tried it yet and I wasn't about to learn last night. One time consuming mistake was enough for the day :).
Now I'm thinking, Bandit's clutch needs bleeding and it's quite conveniently located for an easy job...
This part is entered by voice dictation this is excellent very nice works pretty well much better than hunting and pecking on the little on screen keyboard I am impressed it looks like I'm going to keep the tablet now I know why there's so many people on the internet that have no sense of grammar laughing out loud haha

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