Sunday, July 20, 2014

A square ride

I was a busy bee this weekend and did all the following:

- Went to Niagara Falls US on Saturday to pick up the car tire. Installed it right away on the rim i prepared the day before. Based on some "darksiding" stories I've read, I expected the tire to be a little hard to seat on the rim, so I cleaned and polished it well. The mechanic (name withheld to protect the perpetrator of a victimless crime) said it was a much easier job than the one they did recently on a Vulcan. Of course, my wheel "will be mounted on a one-off custom car for closed course driving only". Wink, wink :))

- Replaced the V-belt (CVT belt) today. The old one is still in great shape with plenty of life left, so I'll take it with me as a spare.  Checked and lubed the entire transmission while I was at it. Everything looks very good, and I even cleaned the transmission air filter.

- Wired the heated jacket liner controller. Mounted it with Scotch double-lock on the side of the seat.

And then I went for a short test ride to see if everything works as it should, especially the tire. To put it simply, if I didn't know I was riding on a car tire I most likely wouldn't be able to tell. If I didn't ride this scooter before, I definitely wouldn't be able to tell. Of course there is a difference, but it's subtle and by no means disconcerting, let alone frightening. In the straight line the difference, albeit relatively sleight, is definitely positive. It feels steadier and more stable, somewhat softer too. Sharp turns are no problem whatsoever, and that's where the perceived difference is almost non-existent. I can only feel it relatively wide turns where the leaning angle is just below vertical. It requires a bit more steering input there, but it doesn't feel wobbly or unstable. These are impressions from a short ride through High Park, but I'm quite happy so far.

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