Monday, May 27, 2013

Fuel consumption

Since I was keeping record of all fuel purchases I did the math today:

Trip length: 12,987Km
Total fuel consumed: 774.752L
Average fuel economy 5.966L/100Km

I have to say I'm quite impressed. Wouldn't be disappointed if it was 7L/100km...

Another little math i was doing to kill time on the I90: Bandit's engine turns 5,000rpm at 126Km/h, so it takes 2,500 revolutions to travel one kilometer. That means than my bike's crankshaft rotated at least FOUR HUNDRED MILLION TIMES so far. That's 400,000,000 miniature but powerful explosions, jerks, pulls, twists, stresses, pulses, slams, stretches, heating/cooling cycles, sucks, blows... All of that without a single failure (my Bandit's engine was never opened further than to adjust the valve clearance). Impressive indeed. The calculation takes into account riding only in top gear and without any idling, so the real figure is considerably higher but impossible to calculate accurately. 

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