Wednesday, May 08, 2013


A few things saved my hyde last night (or allowed me to abuse it harder, depending on how you look at it).

- Heated jacket liner. I was still wet and miserable, but not cold, wet and miserable.

- Fox River socks. These thick synthetic soks work as well in the cold and wet as they do in hot and dry. They wick away the moisture from your skin, be it water or sweat. It's hard to explain - you still feel the wet, but you don't feel immersed in it. It's like it's there, but out of touch.

- Heated grips. By far the most valuable comfort addition o the bike. They are always there and ready to warm your digits at the flip of a switch. It doesn't have to be very cold to use them - they work to relax the tense muscles in my hands too. I can wear one grade thinner gloves then usual and change them less often which helps the overall comfort and control.

Speaking of gloves, I haven't found ones that water won't seep through after a while. The same goes for the boots, although I,m sure the truly waterproof ones must be out there. Boots are also hardest and slowest to dry which is quite a PITA :(. Mine just spent an hour in the dryer and are still quite moist inside. Gotta figure out a better way. Wait, there's a hair dryer in the room...


  1. Vlad get some surgical gloves to put on under your riding gloves. It makes it as least more comfortable when they are wet. boots really are a pain. For heavy rain i have some rubber over boots . They look like and feel like crap but on a freeway ... at least you stay dry. Most bike shops should have them i got mine a snow city years ago. Also you can get them at places like acklands . Ride safe.

  2. How about those XXXL "high-viz" washing gloves over motorcycle gloves? :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll seriously consider them. I actually have surgical gloves, just never thought to use them. Also had extra big rubber gloves, will look them up again. As for the boots, it's garbage bags until I find good overboots or waterproof boots. PITA :(