Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Flood break :)

Shenandoah river is pretty swollen today, fast flowing too. Locals say it hasn't reached it's peak yet and it could be much worse.

Some nice people made a sanctuary for "Quarry cats" by the river, I hope it doesn't get flooded.

Apart from an unsuccessful 16km errand to the nearest Walgreens (long-ish story :) ), the day was spent drying the gear (the blow dryer trick takes time but worked well) and relaxing.

Trying to figure what to eat. Thai in the hotel or mom and pop diner two blocks away. As long as they have good beer...

Tomorrow, a 1,000km of scenic twisties on Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge parkway. Can't wait.

Uploaded some pictures in the album. Check them out.

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