Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Day two

The sleep was good, but unusual. Although I was comfortable and slept well I kept waking up like I already had a full night sleep. Kept wondering if I overslept and thinking what am I going to do today.

Got up at 6, checked the foggy sky and wet street and went to breakfast. Loaded with fat, sugar and carbs. Motel has a guest laundry so drying the soaked pants, jacket, gloves, boots. Yes, boots too, and they are the hardest to dry. A little duct tape to make sure they don't bust the dryer door open... Desperate circumstances require desperate measures (and a bit of ingenuity :) ).

Decided to stay put for the day. Catch up on sleep, sort myself and gear out, check out the bike and maybe do an errand in the afternoon. If the weather turns good I'll go on a shorter ride in the area. Start very early tomorrow, the forecast is sunny and 23.

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