Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Day one

Friendly chat with the border guard.

A street in Aurora flanked by cherry trees in full bloom. Aroma therapy.

Hands got a little numb already. I knew I shouldn't have replaced those heavy stock bar ends. Well, I'll either get used to it, finally develop that carpal-tunnel syndrome I've been working on for decades, or buy some buckshot and fill the handlebars with it to kill the vibrations. We'll see.

Got a "stay safe brother" and a knuckle salute from a black guy in an old Cadillac (he flagged me down to tell me my headlight is flashing). Made my day.

Gas and quick Tims lunch in Olean. Next, find a Wal-mart to buy a phone/plan and continue due South.

Sent from the road.

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