Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 7a

Two things I forgot yesterday:

I noticed that there are some pretty weird sounding birds in Texas, but I couldn't pinpoint exactly why. Their songs were various, but foer some reason all equally disconcerting and disoriewnting. It wasn't until I heard the chirping sound of my own alarm repeated verbatim that I reali2d it was a mocking bird. For a moment, I seriously thought my alarm was malfunctioning :). They imitate all sorts of sounds, a particular one I noticed was the sound of creeking door opening. Really funky.

For me, there's hardly a sight more fascinating than a desert lake. Granted, most og them around here are dam/man-made, but the contras between clear blue water and surrounding bare rock (often red in these parts) makes the scene out of this world stunning. I'll take a dip if I get a chance.

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  1. Awesome Vlad,

    Texas sounds great. Wish I was there, but you know my wife won't let me ride. I'm such a pushover. Glad to see you enjoying the trip.

    I just caught up so I'm looking forward to reading more.