Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 15b

I missed one of the most powerful tornadoes in US history that hit Oklahoma City last night. More than 20 dead :(. I was there less than a week ago. My bike can't outrun a 200mph tornado...

I wasn't in a mood for high speed canyon carving today. Fortunately the nature provided the perfect setting for a relaxed ride. As I left the densely populated area by the Salt Lake and headed on towards the mountains the scenery changed into serene gently flowing hills covered in green grass and no trees worth mentioning. The road was to match - posed no challenges but provided enough entertainment. As gentle as the scenery looked the road was climbing higher and higher. Before I knew it, I was at 2000 meters. It held like that well into the Grand Teton NP.

Grand Teton is just that - grand. The road was entertaining too, but too much traffic and too many park rangers to enjoy it at speed. It's good I didn't go to fast because I got pulled ober for 60+ in 45. The ranger lady looked angry at first but mellowed down when I put on my best honest face (easy to do, because I am honest and didn't really mean to speed this time) and let me go after checking my documents. I crawled at just above the speed limit for the rest of he day (~80km/h) but I haven't seen another park ranger vehicle.


The highest elevation I reached today was just below 2,500m. Considering the altitude and all the snow still around the road the temperatures were relatively mild, but still chilling - down to 10.

I've seen Old Faithful geyser. Not impressed. Other vistas in Yellowstone are much more interesting, from rivers to canyons, to waterfalls to steaming ponds.

Books are written about yellowstone so I won't ellaborate much here. It would take me at least a week to properly size it up, let alone experience it fully.

The hotel in West Yellowstone I stayed in had no hot water and the Interweb wasn't working for me either. Bummer. At least they gave me 1/2 off. Not their fault and they were doing their best to fix it.

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