Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 14

Wrights Motorcycle, just a few blocks from the motel, is a one stop shop for me. Suzi will be treated with top of the line chain, sprockets and two Michelin Pilot Road III tires. I'm getting a pair of Alpinestars touring boots. We both earned it, big time.

It's crappy out there today, so I'll have better time hanging around in the shop. Guys here tell me that the Bonneville race track is no good for riding because of all the rain it had recently. The salt is too soft they say, the bike would sink in it. Whatever, I'll be going there. If nothing else than to stand at the rim and bow to the gods of speed.

Once the sprocket cover was off, we found the counter shaft nut totally stripped of thread. They didn't have that part in store so Kenny went scouting for it over lunch. The washer was totally busted too. Fortunately the safety plate and bolt kept everything from falling apart and messing up my day. Oh yes, the chain had four broken links, not just one. DID will be hearing from me.

Got everything done in one place with friendly staff that let me hang around and give a hand with wrenching. The parts prices are on par with Toronto and total labor was $85. I got a pretty decent deal on Alpinestars boots and was out by 3PM. The final bill was quite high, but that's because of all the stuff I bought. So be it.

A big giros plate in the nearby Greek place. The weather is clearing to the West and I'm thinking of regrouping and going for a ride to Bonneville to break in the new boots, tires and chain.

It's 120 miles each way and I did it in record time (I80 in this section having only about three turns) holding a steady 90-100 touring speed with several dashes to 130. Bike feels more planted and stable at speed, but that may be just the placebo effect.

Like they said, Bonnie was wet so her and Suzi couldn't tussle. Next time Bonneville, next time. The pictures should be good though, the salt flats are impressive. Those mountains look so close but they are tens of kilometers away - the "lack of reference" effect. This is the holy land of speed where records are set and broken. If you haven't yet watched "The worlds fastest Indian" with Anthony Hopkins go and do it. Now. Remember that it's a true story.

Tomorrow? North, but haven't decided where yet. Idaho, Wyoming or both?

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