Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Day 5

Unloaded the last palette and are now running empty, at least for a while. Apart from not being good for the business, an empty trailer is very unpleasant at high crosswinds you are bound to encounter on a trip like this. it's just not designed to travel light :).

I always wondered how truckers lean those trailers so perfectly against the loading dock. Well, apart from the skill it takes to align it, the rest is easy - just reverse slowly until the trailer hits the dock :).

The rest of the day free, we spent some time walking around a big shopping mall in Laredo, having coffee and doing some shopping. If someone teleported us here there would be no way to tell where we are. A shopping mall like this could be anywhere in US or Canada.

Popped the hood to check the truck engine and suspension components. Doesn't need anything but a quick "Balkan style" fix of the air box cover. With few minor fixes it will be good for another million miles :).

Waiting for something to load for the trip back we are taking a break until tomorrow. Booked into a Red Roof, took a good SSS (the last two S-es stand for the Shower and Shave, don't ask what the first one means :) ). Got beer, ordered a big pizza and relaxing. the truck is parked right outside and properly secured. This is not a neighborhood you would leave thief magnets like laptops and cameras lying on the dashboard.

To serve us and protect us:

Pizza was good and so was the beer. Time for a movie :)

As for the rest of the day (and night) let's just say that what happens in Laredo stays in Laredo :)).

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