Monday, December 05, 2011

Day 3

Slept in Joshua, Texas. Rained again all night. Unusually cold for these parts, but we wrapped up better this time (two nested sleeping bags and pijamas) and Rade ran the engine a couple of times during the night to warm us up. The big diesel sucks a gallon an hour just idling at 500rpm. Not a terrible lot in the grand scheme of things, but you wouldn't run it all night unless it's really cold out.

Unloaded the first shipment, going back forty miles for the next delivery in Grande Prairie. Damn, Texas has more churches than gas stations, not to mention hospitals or anything else more useful. They are better looking too. Sad. What we've seen of Dallas is not impressive at all. We may as well be driving through Oklahoma. Nothing of distinction, just shopping malls, chain stores and "restaurants", parking lots, nondescript buildings and the highway.

There ain't no guns in our facility:

but you can buy ammo in Walmart across the street.100 shotgun shells for an every day low price of $20:

Second load of the day off, heading through Fort Worth towards Waco.

Uploaded some pictures to the album. It's really cool being able top do that while on the move.

Outside of urban centers Texas is pretty green, but still boring. I expected more arid and desert-like scenery, but this area is so far flat and covered in grassy farmland.

Flying J truck stop for shower and lunch. Good, clean facilities, tasty food and plenty of it. I'm learning a lot of things about trucking that can come in handy on long drives or motorcycle rides. Truck stop facilities experience is among those things.

The rest of the day is spent replenishing supplies in Walmart and doing some maintenance on the electrical equipment. Between my cameras, two GPS-es, two laptops, USB power supplies, battery chargers, etc.  there's a lot of wiring in the cabin, but we are managing OK. A blown fuse and some sparking here and there is more-less expected with such a setup but with some Balkan style fixing everything works again. More solid than it was before, if I may say so :).

Found Mobil 1 oil for my bike that costs $40 in Canadian Tire for $24.99. Champion spark plugs for %3 a pop too. Cheap is good, but I can't stop thinking what the real socioeconomic cost of "walmartization" is.

$5 rotisserie chicken was delicious:

and so was the Michelob dark:

Sleeping arrangement is the same as last night, parking lot of the company we are delivering to in the morning. I'm going to sleep now, will try to spice up this post with some pictures in the morning.

Here's the bunk side of the truck's cabin. Plenty of room indeed:

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  1. Fantastic! Great pics. Soak up those trucker tricks of the trade! I look forward to hearing some new tips for long distance travel on the bikes.