Monday, December 05, 2011

Day 1

Internet access is a hit and miss affair on the road, so I'm blogging with a delay but in chronological order. Writing as we go, posting when I have the connection.

Day 1:

Vehicle: 2005 Freightliner Columbia
Odometer reading: 749140 Miles
Engine: Detroit Diesel Turbo 515Hp
Displacement: 14.8L
Torque: 1850 foot-pounds
Gross weight: 63,000lbs
Tank capacity: 1,100L
Fuel economy: 5.9mpg
Seats two, sleeps two :)

Crossed into US very quickly, after short but pretty aggressive questionioning by the border guard ("You look pretty suspicious to me, bro."). I admit that a guy like me crossing the border in a taxi cab does look suspicious :). I answered a rapid succession of inquisitive (if not inquisition) questions truthfully and was on my way.

To clarify, I crossed the border like that because I wasn't in the truck manifest and thad could sause
potential complications for Rade with customs as well his shipping company.

Through Michigan Ohio, Indiana, entered Illinois. It just started to rain and there are some pretty heawy side winds. This big rig sways and wobbles just like smaller vehicles, if not more. Rade says it's not uncommon to get pushed across an entire lane by a sudden gust of wind.

Sleeping I don't know where and I don't care. :)

The odometer is in miles.

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