Saturday, November 05, 2011

Washed Suzy B yesterday. All nice and shiny now. It seems like I'll have a chance to get her dirty again before I have to put her away for the winter. She is overdue for a valve adjustment and needs a new cam chain tensioner. I'm justifying postponing that wotk/time/investment with the fact that I don't want to miss out on the few remaining riding days. She won't die on me because I promised her some real TLC during the winter :).


  1. Vlad, get yourself a manual cam-chain tensioner. There is an engineering faux-pas with the auto style. When you need more length to take up slack, the compression spring is unloading and getting weaker and unable to provide enough pressure to take up the next notch in the adjuster barrel. (if you have seen one, you'll know what I mean)With the manual style, all you do is loosen the jamb nut, tweak the adjustment screw a tad, and re-tighten .....done !
    I have one on my '06 Baby Bandit and make a move about every 25,000km - I presently have 82500km on the bike.

  2. Thanks Ken. I spoke to my mechanic and ordered one. My main concern was being able and knowing how to adjust it manually, but my mechanic says it's easy to do and I trust him.

  3. My Bandit is at 137,000Km now, BTW. It must be some kind of record for the OEM cam chain tensioner :).