Sunday, July 03, 2011

Twisties in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin was mostly boring flat farmland until we got off the highway after Madison. On our way to Lacrosse we hit some hilly countryside roads with sweeping turns and no traffic to mention. What a welcome change after the long highway drone.

On a sad note, we got our first and hopefully last road kills of the trip. First Jesse hit a bird head on. Straight into his forehead, jetisoned behind and fell on the road. We like to think the poor thing was just knocked out and survived. Shortly after another bird slammed into the bottom of my windshield. That one was dead instantly, don't ask how I know :(. I hope we paid our dues to suicidal animals and that they will stay out of our way in the future. We weren't even going bery fast - 80-100 at most...

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