Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pool :)

With still a couple of hours to kill before I have to vacate my fancy but
pricey digs, I'm taking another dip in the spring-fed pool. So relaxing and
refreshing, I don't want to leave. Had a friendly chat with a nice family
from Connecticut. One of their three fished my room card when I lost it
diving in the pool lasþ night :).

I went for dinner last night in full gear straight from the sunset ride to
Dante's view. It never fails to attract attention when I appear in
ballistic nylon black jacket, black double front dungaree pants, motorcycle
boots, all zipped up to my chin... at 40 in the shade :))

What they don't realize is that I'm quite comfy in my cooling vest and
guaranteed not to get sunburn :).

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