Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mt Rainer and Mt St Helen

Stayed in Vancouver for half a day to be with friends spent in Vancouver aquarium,

I left around noon with a goal to reach Mt. Ranier National Park. It was getting dark and found the nearest campsite I can find which turns out to be an Adult Campground.--No Camera allowed beyond the gate.
The next day I had fun riding up to Mt Rainier National Park , again snow and lots of Elks

After that I went towards Mt St Helen where the route going south will be FR25 (Mt St Helen going up is FR99) got to the base of FR99 and saw the road was closed both going up the mountain and south to FR25. reason is SNOW. 
No sign posted at the entrance about the road closure and had at most 8 bikes with me going up the same road and turning back. Tried to warn incoming bikes but all I got was a wave.
FR25 has too much twist and turns but road condition is not great. 
From the road close sign I have to backtrack and that is where I had my first flight

I think running through those bumps made my front tire loose air and finally got swallowed by a big dip on the road.

I'm ok no scratch on my helmet but got a rash on the knee, lost a mirror on my bike and cracked the windshield, Still rideable

As Vlad say "any crash you get to walk out of is a good crash".

Time to rejoin Vlad in LA

Too much twisties and snow now I'm heading for the coast.


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