Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lucky idiot!

The motel owner woke me up in the middle of the night and scared the shit out of me. He's lucky I didn't bear-spray him because he yanked at my doorknob without even bothering to knock or say anything. Apparently moron gave me the wrong room. What an idiot! I'm getting ready to give him a piece of my mind as I check out. Northland Motel in Nipigon, just in case you come this way...

The weather looks terrible through the window but the forecast is good everywhere on my route to Toronto. Getting ready to roll ASAP.

CORRECTION: The idiot was me. I thought I was getting room 106 while the key and my bill clearly stated 108. To my defence, I was tired and soaking wet and the marking on the key wasn't very clear to read at night. I managed to open the room with the wrong key because it was left unlocked for late guests. I apologized to the manager and thanked goodness I didn't spray him (blush).

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