Friday, July 15, 2011


As I approached Stovepipe Wells again it started to heat up, big time. The
same as yesterday, only much worse. As soon as I descended below sea level
it was like someone flipped a switch. Up to 46 it went in no time at all.
Now that's some deadly serious heat, I have to tell you. Fortunately it
didn't last long since I climbed up Daylight Pass (relatively short but
perfect pavement and very nice sweepers under the Corkscrew Peak) towards
Got the room early, totally drained from the heat. Shower, then a ride
"downtown" for ice cream dinner in the Death Valley Nut and Candy Co. (very
good ice cream).
Trying to figure out where to go tomorrow and it's really hard. I thought
Bonneville, but I'm not so sure now - seems too far up North. Man, picking
the route is hard, even when you do it badly like me...

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