Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting used to...

Remember what I wrote about getting used to the heat? Forget it!
It's been between 40 and 44 all day. Strong wind gusts from the south on
I90 are blowing me over to the left lane all the time. What's worse, they
are overheated too - I swear no less than 10 degrees hotter! It's not a
hair dryer on high, it's one of those heat guns - it hurts.
Passing trucks at 150 is a scary affair. Terrible buffeting behind and on
the side, topped with an amplified gust to the left as I pass the nose. It
blew me almost to the left shoulder once, but I learned the trick how to do
it safely. Why at 150, you say? Because trucks are doing 130 and there's no
point in riding next to them a second longer than absolutely necessary.

Crossed the Missouri river. Got chilled for a few seconds, just enough to make the subsequent heat even more brutal. I wish I could take a dip...

Stopped in Mitchell.

Decided to press on as far as I can today, hoping to eventually get out of
this crematorium.

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