Sunday, July 03, 2011


Spending the night camping on a lovely farm of Giselle and Ron. No sense writing more, pictures will have to tell this story.

Slept better than previous night, it was nice and cool. Gnats that greeted us in swarms did not manage to get into tents. Forgot to put my ear plugs in and ended up listening to raccoons chatting around my top case all night. I guess they smelled the breaded chicken that was in there, but they couldn't get in. The noises those animals make are really amazing, they sound like a bunch of R2D2 robots from Starwars arguing :). I was tired enough to filter them out and get a good night sleep. Gnats greeted us in the morning too, but we ignored them, Those insects will get straight in your mouth if you are not careful! Beautiful scenery and good company more than made up for that annoyance. The farm has the rustic charm of a place people were working on for generations.

Totals for the day:
Time on the move: 9:22
Moving average: 98Km/h

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