Thursday, July 14, 2011

Everything is relative

Decided to hang around the Valley and see a few more places before I leave.
Booked a motel I Beatty for less than third the price of Furnace creek.

Heading to the other mountain range to visit Agureberry point (been there
in the winter and it was awesome). But first a minor detour to Panamint
Springs for lunch. As I climb up the mountains 37 degrees is quite
refreshing compared to 40+ in the valley and totally comfortable, 34 a bit
chilly and 30 definitely COLD. If I didn't stop for lunch I'd have to pull
over to get the cooling vest off, it's really cold at anything below 35 or

I took a short detour through Mustard Canyon. Quite challenging loose
gravel. I hope Agureberry won't be that hard because it's much longer.

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