Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Endurance rewarded

My perseverance in face of heat exhaustion and sheer boredom was finally and handsomely rewarded when I entered Buffalo Gap National Grasslands (they couldn't call it "National Forest" because there are no trees as far as the eye can see :) ). Scenery gradually but surely changed for the better and the temperature fell down by ten degrees (sounds a lot, but it's still 36 :) ). Once I entered the Custer State Park it seemed like all things wild came out to play. Look for yourself:

 Enjoying the awesome scenery, beautiful sunset and all the animals on and by the road slowed me down considerably. As the sun was down I decided to skip the rest of the twisties via Deadwood and take the fastest route to Sturgis.

Tomorrow heading towards Thunder Bay taking a hopefully interesting but not too slow route.

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