Thursday, July 14, 2011

Death Valley at last!

It started innocently enough, with only about 35 at Panamint Springs. Then,
a sign that says Sea Level and another one, in hi_vis color that says:
DANGER Extreme Heat! It was like someone turned on a furnace - it went to
40 in just a few minutes and then continued climbing all the way to 44.
Cooling vest did the job well and I was pretty comfortable. All strapped
and wrapped so I don't get overheated by the hot air blowing at me at 130.
Trust me, you don't want to open your visor at that heat!

Booked the night at Furnace creek ranch at a ridiculous price and went
straight to Dante's View to catch the sunset. It didn't disappoint,
gorgeous as only desert sunsets can be. On. To dinner, a dip in the pool
and a snore.

Oh yes, the roads! Beautiful and well paved but challenging. No pushing the
limits out here, just a fast cruise in the flats and easy leaning in the
twisties. Gotta keep speed to keep cool though :).

I'm thinking of hanging around in the Valley tomorrow and book a place to
sleep just outside the park tomorrow night. I wish I could stay longer, I
enjoy this wicked place so much. This heat beats being rained on at 9
degrees any time.

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