Tuesday, July 19, 2011


44 from Rapid City through Badlands National park is a good oportunity to
set the fastest comfortable cruising speed. I start at 140 and soon settle
between 160 and 180. It's just under 40 degrees here and I'm riding without
the helmet. There are very few insects out here and they are small, but man
does a butterfly sting when it hits you on the cheek at 180! :) I'm wearing
good eye protection though, I'm not *that* crazy :))
Passed a cop going in the oposite direction. Slowed down and kept looking
in the mirror in case he comes after me. He didn't. I guess he figured I'd
be out of the state by the time he catches up, or at least out of his
jurisdiction :). Of course, there's always a possibility that they don't
care about people speeding through unpopulated areas with no road hazards
Having a buffalo burger for late breakfast in Cedar Pass Lodge in Badlands.

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