Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to my home time zone

As I entered Canada (no hassle at the border, a pleasant chat with the guard actually) I was greeted with familiar sights. First, a sign for eastern Time Zone - no more guesswork. Then, Canada geese, in a strange formation by the road, like they are waiting in line to cross the border :). Next, a procession of road signs telling me how anal this country is and how bad they are going to ***k me if I do such heinous acts as speeding 50 over, even before I ever stand in front of a judge (no mention of additional, prolonged and heavy fornication by the insurance companies). No cell phones, no riding without the DOT approved helmet (the fact that Department Of Transportation is US does not bother anyone), no pit-bull terriers, no shit! Anyway, I'm glad to be back!

Suzy B was long overdue for an oil/filter change so she got a quick guerrilla-style transfusion in the Thunder Bay Canadian Tire parking lot. I'm getting good at this, it took me less than half an hour, including buying oil/filter/pan/wrench. I left them the $4 oil drain pan as a token of my appreciation for not chasing me out of the lot. A police cruiser was parked near by and later passed by me like I wasn't there. I guess with Ontario plates no one knows that I'm not local.

Starting at the border the sky was getting really grey and low and the road wet in places, but no rain. I kept telling myself that the rain has passed and those are just low clouds/fog. For a while I was right, but then the road started to get more soaked and the trucks/buses I was catching up to or passing by were picking up clouds of it. It also started to drizzle, but nothing serious yet. As I was getting close to my destination for the night Nipigon the sky opened up and I got seriously drenched within minutes. A lady at the gas station showed me the TV with severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings for the area and told me I'm going straight into it. Fortunately the motel was close and although I still got soaked to the bone at least I didn't continue to follow the storm that is going East. Forecast looks good for tomorrow and I"ll give it a shot at going straight to Toronto (~1,400Km). At least the navigation will be easy - all I need to do is just follow Yonge Street :)

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