Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Another fantastic day

From 32 degrees to 18, from 3,000 feet to 9000, from scorching sun to
pouring rain and hail, to still snow covered mountain pass, through
mountains and prairies, this was another day to remember. Constantly
changing and beautiful scenery on superbly engineered and maintained roads
have been a standard on this trip so far. Being able to do it all at any
speed we are comfortable with most of the time is also a rare treat we are
trying very hard not to abuse.

Spending the night under severe weather warning (narrowly avoided the heavy
front coming from the North) in Cody, Wyoming. Hoping to tackle the
Beartooth Pass and Glacier National Park in Montana and reach Calgary

Total Km: 677
Moving average: 103
Time on the move: 6:34

July in Wyoming.
The storm is brewing.

No caption necessary, pure bliss.
On top.
At the bottom.

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